Torgrustrans Limited Liability Company.
Technical Management

Since 2006, the Technical Management team has successfully managed and operated over 240 vessels, arranged and supervised over 80 dry dockings, and previously converted 5 single-hull handy tankers to double-hull and received CAP 1 ratings.

The Technical Management team operates all managed vessels in the safest and most efficient manner possible in order to meet the requirements of ship-owners, flag states, port states, class societies, charterers and other stakeholders in full compliance with the International Safety Management Code and International regulations.

Through close interaction and effective communication between onboard personnel and shore- based technical & marine sections, Technical Management has kept vessels in service near 100% utilization and maintained OPEX expenses within budget. Crew retention is high, mainly of experienced seafarers from the E.U., India, and the Philippines.

Full Technical Management includes:

  • Allocation of superintendent to the vessel, responsible for the Technical/Marine management and to grant regular visits on the vessel for Marine Survey, Condition assessment, ISM/ISPS/MLC/ISO/OSHAS, Navigation audits, pre-Vetting inspection.
  • Maintenance of the vessel to the agreed standard including repairs and dry dockings.
  • Manning and crewing services through selected crew providers, with high retention rates.
  • Provision of competitive OPEX budgets, full running cost accounts including budget comparisons, and transparent reporting.
  • Procurement and logistics support able to ensure best practices and cost-effective solutions customized vessel type; sourcing from high-quality global network suppliers that comply with Torgrustrans benchmarks and expectations.
  • Provision of any necessary insurance for the vessel covered with leading companies, handling and settling of claims.
  • Handling of all operational matters, such as post fixtures and monitoring vessel´s performance and fulfilling the Safety Criteria of the Oil Majors.

In addition, the Technical Management team can offer conversion, equipment upgrade, or new building supervision, such as:

  • Conversion appraisal, equipment, and new building specifications.
  • Negotiations on building specification and Makers lists.
  • Supervision during construction at the shipyard or at sub-contractors’ premises.
  • Attendance and evaluation at work-shop tests, at dry-dock, and at sea trials.
Technical Department Leadership
  • Nekrasov Vladimir Ivanovich Managing Director

    He jointly established Sea World Management in 2006 and the Managing Director of the Technical Department. Prior co-founding Torgrustrans, Vladimir worked at the “Cantieri di Ravenna shipyard” beginning in 1988. Vladimir has a vast experience in Technical Management of tankers, with a special focus on IMO Product/Chemical tankers at plus 8 years of age

  • Cherevko Andrey Nikolaevich General Manager

    Prior to joining Torgrustrans in February 2019, he was the Marine Director and Head of Marine Department for Southern Europe for a major ship management firm in Monaco, and followed the management for a variety of vessel types including tankers, dry bulk, and off-shore vessels. With more than twenty years of experience in ship management, his background is based on twelve years serving on tankers at sea.

  • Alexey Kudryavtsev Technical Director

    Former Fleet Manager for a major ship management firm in Monaco (2013-2017) where he was responsible and overseeing the Tanker, Bulker and Offshore fleets, not limited to the technical aspect but wider on crewing, Classification societies and interacting with all main makers and drydocks. He has an extensive experience in ship management including troubleshooting, dry-docking, new building, and ship conversion. Started his shore career in 2006 with Tekne’ in Monaco (private Owner). He spent 17 years at sea of which latter 8 years as Chief Engineer.